Three Great Weight Loss Tips

Without doubt, when trying to lose weight, the simpler you keep things, the better. Us humans are very complex creatures, but we still get better results when the things we do as uncomplicated as we can make them.

That means clearing all the clutter from whatever program or system you are using and get down to the basic precepts of what weight loss comprises and you will be surprised at how easy you can make it for yourself.

Here are three very simple yet very powerful weight loss tips that will help you to keep things simple yet effective.

Diet Basics

The best way to eat for your health is to make sure everything is fresh. That means no processed meals or foods. The reason for this is that processed foods of any kind will contain additives to improve the flavor and many of these additives are detrimental to health, despite what the food agencies might tell you about their safety for consumption.

Sure, they will not make you sick or kill you in small amounts, but there is no consideration to the build up of these chemicals in your body over time. One flavor enhancer in particular, monosodium glutamate, is known to be responsible for the large instances of stomach cancer in the Far East because some of those cultures use a great deal of it in their cooking.

Many food manufacturers try to disguise its presence in processed foods by labelling it as simply "flavoring" or by its code E621 in the hope that people will not immediately recognise it.

Apart from additives, there are also high levels of sugar and sodium in processed foods. Salt is detrimental to health as it raises blood pressure which can lead to strokes and sugar adds empty calories that make your body store more fat and gain weight. It has recently come to light that there may even be addictive properties to processed foods that cause people who eat them to want to eat more, further exacerbating the already growing obesity epidemic that is sweeping the country and also many other places in the world.

Eating fresh whole foods frees you from the bulk of the health dangers associated with eating too much processed food. In fact, it has been proved in tests that switching your diet completely away from all processed foods can make a big contribution to the ease by which you will lose weight naturally without doing much else besides. But you can still help the process along by increasing your energy levels ad thereby your metabolism so that you burn more calories by exercising regularly.

Exercise Basics

Exercising is the best way to compliment a healthy diet in helping you to lose weight and regain a fit and toned body. It is up to the individual which exercises you choose to do, but whichever you decide to do, they should be enjoyable for you and not seen as a chore. When you enjoy what you are doing, you will be more inclined to do more and do it more often.

There are many kinds of exercise that you can do, but among the best of these are walking, swimming, running, cycling, playing team sports or joining a gym and working with a qualified instructor. Which you choose to do will depend on you physical needs and current condition and of course what you will enjoy the most.

But above all else, you must like what you are doing and get some pleasure from doing it. This is the key to being able to exercise regularly and never skip off a session because you don't feel like it. When you love doing something, then you will always feel like it no matter what!

Mental Basics

Many people concentrate only on the physical aspects to losing weight, but few give much thought to the mental aspects of the process. In fact, it is the mental attitudes and beliefs that determine the level of success of any physical change that you are attempting. It is not enough to set off on a great diet and exercise schedule without tuning your mind into a success attitude. It is all about how your belief system is working and whether you have created in your mind a sense of absolute success with no room for even the slightest failure.

The bottom line when it comes to getting your mind into the right state so that you can lose the weight and improve the health of your body, is to have an "I Can" attitude. That means you get yourself into the place where you totally believe in yourself that you can and will lose every single pound that you have set as a goal for yourself. Once you have done that, you will succeed without doubt, because it is what you are determined to do beyond all else.

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