Staying Healthy

If staying healthy is a priority to you and it should be, then there are some pretty simple things you can do to make sure you manage it. It's a given thing that having good health is extremely important, because when you're healthy you really can enjoy life more than you could if you were not healthy.

So take some time to consider what you can do for yourself to hold onto that good health. Or if your health is not up to par, then there are plenty of thing you can do that can improve it.

One thing you can do is to observe healthy people and see what they do to have that level of health. Often, the simplicity of that can be quite amazing as it really doesn't take much to keep your health on a good level, while similarly it doesn't take much to cause it to take a nose dive. The three main directions you can approach this are your diet, your level of activity and your mental state.

Healthy Diet

It goes without saying that in order to enjoy good physical health, you must first ensure you are only putting healthy food in your body! You can't pile it full of hamburgers, pizza, fries, fried breakfasts, pancakes, donuts, cakes and candy while lubricating it with soda and expect to stay healthy. It doesn't work like that. You will soon cause your body to take on the same level of toxicity that fizzy drinks and unhealthy, processed and additive laden foods are made up of.

The better option is to ditch all that slow poison and instead make sure you eat natural foods that don't come in a packet, freezer bag of can. Fresh vegetables actually taste great when steamed or stir fried in olive oil or even when eaten completely raw.

Lean meats that come fresh from the butcher's store are far more healthy than the processed, packet alternative. Fresh fish is very healthy and better than the stuff that is processed and formed into breadcrumb covered shapes! What you eat as part of your diet is far more important than many people realize. Plain water is the best alternative to soda or other flavored drinks for staying hydrated and quenching your thirst.

Healthy Activities

It's no good working at a desk job, or a driving job or one that keeps you pretty physically inactive all day, then getting home in the evening and lying around on a sofa, stuck in front of the TV and then expecting to remain healthy. Lack of physical activity leads to a sedentary lifestyle which reduces your body's muscle and bone density, suppresses your metabolism and causes you to gain weight through excessive stored fat. It also affects your mental state and can lead to depression and lack of interest in life.

You can bust out of this downward spiral by making changes where possible. Maybe you can't change your job, but you sure can change what you do outside that job. When you get home after a long day's work, you might be tempted to slump in an easy chair with a cold beer and a plate of popcorn or potato chips.

But you'll feel better for getting your self outdoors and going for a walk for a few blocks before it gets dark, if your neighborhood is safe to do that of course! Living in a more rural setting is healthier than city living for this one big difference in that people can safely go for walks in the evening and enjoy fresher air too. If walking is not an option, maybe there is a gym nearby you could get some exercise at, or a public pool where you can swim for half an hour or more.

Whatever you can do to give your body some form of physical activity on a daily basis is better for you. By all means, go home, eat your evening meal and hit the TV after you got your exercise. At least you got it before you crashed for the evening!

Mental Health

By mental health, I don't mean the kind that has psychologists involved. What I do mean is making changes to your mental attitude that can bring about a change in the way you think about life and things that happen in yours. By adopting a positive mental attitude and aiming for a happier and interested outlook on all things, you can improve your physical health via your mind. This is not hocus pocus, but is a proven thing that has many modern doctors and the medical profession in general very interested.

By eliminating negative thoughts and emotions to the best of your ability and replacing them with positive thoughts and emotions, you will see a marked improvement in your health. You will suffer far less stress, which is a known degrader of the body and you will feel better in yourself.

It means ridding yourself of the emotions of anger, hate and frustration where possible by no longer letting yourself get mad at things you can't control. Watching the TV news or reading newspapers fills people's heads with things to get mad at, so by stopping all of that, you have a lot less to be angry about! Try it, it works!

All in all, you should aim for a balance of those three main areas in your life. By eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of daily exercise and working with a positive, upbeat mind, you really can add years to your life and make those years blessed with better overall physical health. It is not a pipe dream or some miraculous cure that someone invented. It has always been this way. It's just that we are only beginning to realize it!

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