First Steps to Fitness

Attaining a good level of fitness is something that just doesn't happen because you sat there in front of the TV and watched a show with a personal trainer teaching his student some great exercises.

It doesn't happen from just wishing it to happen.

Something has to happen to make it happen and that something is you have to get up and get active! This article takes a look at one great method of starting out on your journey to fitness by investing in a stepping machine or similar apparatus for ther home.

Now that's not to say that going out and buying a stepper will do much for you, even if you set it in the corner of your room and stare at it real hard. You do have to use it! But that's where the fun begins and the long road to a better level of physical fitness starts.

The stepper itself is a great piece of apparatus to use. And the reason it was chosen as the centerpiece of this article is because this is a relatively inexpensive item to buy.

It's something that can provide you with a base for really improving your overall strength, stamina and fitness while toning up your lower body for a better body shape. You can also augment its effectiveness by also getting hold of a good home fitness program such as the Denise Austin daily workout or similar DVD based training program.

Getting Started

To begin with, you should get started with some warm-up stretching and then get on to some warm-up exercises that you can do without any apparatus, like: you choose. Then spend some time on the stepper simply stepping along to some good music for as long as you can, or if you prefer, getting some time on a treadmill can be very beneficial. In the early days, do not try to do too much or you will end up feeling real sore the next day and be unable to do as much.

It's far better to build up your exercises gradually to ensure you stay healthy and comfortable.


Once you have built up to around 30 minutes of stepping per day, you are into the realms of getting a very good cardio workout along with peripheral exercises that you do before and after using the stepper.

Throughout your fitness routine, try to stay positive and mindful of your physical goals. Remember to finish up with some more stretching exercises to keep those muscles supple and to help your whole body to wind down after the workout session.

Long Term Fitness

These are things that of course you can do in your own home. Once you have gained a fair level of stamina, you can also consider expending your workout session to some outdoor exercises too, such as running, cycling or swimming. You can even use the stepper as a preliminary workout before going off to play some team sports.

It is particularly good for those sports that involve a lot of running, such as football, hockey or even basketball or tennis. There are plenty of things that you can do to start yourself on the road to fitness and good health and this is just one way that is really easy to do and one that most people can warm to soon enough to make it very worthwhile.

All the while, believe in yourself and don't ever let anyone talk you out of looking after yourself. After all, the fitter you are, the better you will feel.

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