Eat Right to Feel Right

There is a well worn truism that says, "We are what we eat," which is basically telling us that as long as we are eating right, we will be right in most ways. The evidence for this can actually be seen all around us if we care to look.

It doesn't take long before we notice just how many people are walking down the street on any given day at any given time that are obviously in need of a good weight loss strategy because they are overweight by way more than can possibly be healthy. How did they get that way? They got that way by eating the wrong things and probably too much of them.

Modern eating habits have many people trapped in an unhealthy spiral of living on too much of these junky, processed foods. They do this for two main reasons and they are that firstly, these foods are highly convenient in that they often require no cooking or preparation and secondly, they are mildly addictive.

That second point is a pretty sweeping statement that will have many people throwing their arms up in the air in complete denial of the fact. The truth is that recent studies have uncovered the fact that some or a combination of the additives that go into many processed foods are actually addictive and have the people who habitually eat them coming back for more all the time.

This is a bad state of affairs from a health viewpoint, because processed foods are not healthy! This includes the packet meals you can buy at the store and it also includes the fast food restaurant meals that so many people eat for lunch, such as the obligatory hamburger and fries, washed down with a medium or large soda. It is usually the kind of fats that go into these foods (mainly trans fats) that have the addictive qualities and it is also these that do the most harm to health.

This problem even filters down to people who are actively trying to lose weight by going on commercial diet programs that themselves are made up of processed meals. People are sold on the idea that this kind of weight loss is right because the meals are low calorie and supposedly nutritious, replacing in many cases an even worse diet of junk food. It may be a step in the right direction, but it doesn't cure the problem of being addicted to the trans fats and additives in processed foods!

A much better way to lose weight and improve health at the same time is to totally ditch all processed foods in favor of more healthy natural foods, such as fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains to add to meats or fish (or not in the case of vegetarians) to result in far more health-oriented meals.

Some weight loss experts will argue that fruits and vegetables are high in carbohydrates and some are even moderately high in calories, therefore they are not so good for helping people lose weight. This is true, but when you are trying to lose weight, you also need to factor in the fact that your body must also be healthy.

You will improve your health vastly by eating fresh produce and not eating foods that are high in saturated fats, refined sugars, sodium and artificial additives! When you enjoy better health, you are far more inclined to get outdoors and exercise more.

It's a whole body thing and you only have to look at the celebrities that parade their slim, toned and great looking bodies in front of the TV cameras to see that hey didn't get to look that way by simply eating a diet of low calorie processed mush! They did it by working out every day with a personal trainer and by eating healthy food!

So do your body a big favor and feed it what it really needs to be and stay healthy. Your weight will find its own level over time as long as you also give it the exercise that it requires to be strong and have more energy, because it will naturally burn more calories while making the most of the healthy, natural food you are giving it!

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