Best Diet Programs Online

Do you notice how some diet programs online have a much greater success rate than others? Which are the best and which should you avoid?

Find out right here now as we take a closer look at the front runners such as Weight Watchers, South Beach Diet and meal replacement diet delivery services like Nutrisystem or Medifast of the dieting program world.

Before we get started, it's important to first have a definite goal in mind so that you have a frame of reference to work with. That's because different strategies are employed by the various online diet plans that will have a different effect on the outcome of different people's expectations.

Also, it's equally important to be aware that none of the systems we will be looking at can make you lose weight. That's something you have to do by following their instruction, advice and expert opinions. There are no free rides in this.

Indeed no self respecting weight loss program is any use unless the person who is trying to lose the weight is prepared to work at achieving their goal. So as long as you understand that, you'll be able to take advantage of this comparison article.

What Makes a Good Weight Loss Program?

The most effective systems out there are those that get the dieter to target the root cause of their problem. They need to be aware of and understand why they gained weight to begin with.

Once the cause of a problem has been identified, the solution can be found.

As people are different and will have different reasons for gaining those excess pounds, it's very difficult to simply take a generic dieting plan and expect it to work for everybody. Some will benefit, while other may not.

To truly be effective, a program needs to identify a person's individual problem, its cause and then work on a personalized solution that is tailored to the individual's needs. Most popular diets don't do this, but instead rely on the fundamental rule of calories in versus calories out.

Weight Watchers

This is a household name that really needs no introduction or even much in the way of explanation. Most people know what it is and what they can expect from it.

To the uninitiated, Weight Watchers is a long established diet system that provides a wide range of recipes and weekly menus designed to curb your calorie intake.

You simply sign up online via their website and pay a monthly subscription to maintain access to their online support and nutritional advisors, as well as having access to their huge forum where people can meet other dieters and exchange ideas and provide mutual peer support.


Another household name in the United States where this meal replacement diet delivery program provides ready prepared meals in four week batches for dieters that don't have the time to spend on traditional diets.

Nutrisystem provides easy-to-follow plans for a wide variety of dieting needs, separating their menus to cater for the specific dietary needs of men, women, vegetarians and diabetics, with varying levels of meal quality and services to fit different budgets. You can read more about Nutrisystem in our review by clicking that link.


This was a new diet program back in 2014 and while it doesn't have the established track record of the longer established big names in the weight loss industry, it does offer something quite different to most, which is why we're including it in this comparison.

What sets Fitium apart from the rest is that its setup actually caters for the individual. It does this by first taking the questionnaire answers provided by people as they sign up and customizing their program to fit their individual needs. This is highly important in providing an effective service to help them lose weight.

While the online support offers advice and instruction on diet, nutrition and health, a set of fitness videos and instructional articles cover the exercise side of the equation. This is the part that you need to commit to working on in order to raise your metabolism.

South Beach Diet

This program works by providing a scientifically arrived at diet plan that acts by restricting carb intake in the early stages to boost the body's ability to burn fat for energy. Created by cardiologist Dr. Arthur Agatston who needed a solution for overweight patients, he put together a healthy eating strategy for them to follow.

This site offers one-on-one counselling for an additional fee as well as a message board for getting personal answers to questions you post there. There is also a fitness club with image and video instruction.

This is a site that provides a big questionnaire to ascertain a person's individual needs and then tailor a diet and exercise program around it. There is access to a staff doctor, Dr. Robert Kushner, who is a professor at Northwestern University's medical school and is also the president-elect of the Obesity Society.

This site provides a weekly chat session with diet and fitness experts along with a message board for posting questions. There is also email access to Dr. Kushner who will answer personal questions.

A buddy system pairs you with another dieter on the program to help with motivation. There is also emotional and motivational support available. Fitness and exercise instructional videos are also available.

Summing Up

There are many more but these programs represent some of the better ones that are available online for a reasonable price. We have not published prices here as these are subject to change and we don't want to mislead by posting a price that is out of date.

You are free to join any program you want, but you should thoroughly investigate your choice before entering into any contract or membership deal. Some home delivered diets expect you to commit to a four-week food package to maximize yoru chances of losing weight.

Some diet programs lock you in to a minimum timeframe by offering discounts on bi-annual and annual premiums. You should check individual terms and conditions of each site for details.

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