Belief in Yourself

There is an aspect to all of our lives that is in our ability to achieve things we set out to do that can be influenced both by what is going on around us and also by what is going on inside of us.

Many people have wishes, desires and wants that they would like to have or to achieve, but they rarely ever get any further than being mere dreams. But some people break that mold and seem to be able to achieve whatever they set their sights on. The thing is, that everyone has this ability so why is it that so few ever seem to use it?

The main reason that a disproportionably low number of people achieve their aims while the masses rarely ever do is down to the inner conversation we all have with ourselves. It is our train of thought that takes us along an inner conversation that has the potential to make us one of the few achievers or keep us locked in the pool with all the other dreamers. Here is how we can change that to our advantage.

The Inner Conversation

We talk to ourselves constantly throughout our waking hours when our attention is not focused on a particular task. That conversation can be about almost anything, but most often revolves around what is uppermost in our thoughts. That is usually governed by what we are observing all around us, by the things people say to us, or the things we read about or watch on TV.

What is happening here is that we are being led, like cows with rings through our noses, by the media and by the outside world. We are not in control of our lives, but instead allow life to control us.

This is often a recipe for underachieving, lack of progress, stunted personal growth and unfulfilled dreams. So what can we do to change this situation?

Change the Conversation

It really can be as simple as changing the conversation you are having with yourself from that which is being governed by outside influences to one that you control. Sounds easy enough, but try putting that into practise. You will find that at first, the things that are going on around you will still hold sway over your thoughts, but gradually as you make a concerted effort to move your focus away from all the things around you to your own inner thoughts, then the shift will start to gain momentum.

It helps enormously if you stop watching the news on TV or reading newspapers. These media are full of bad news, upsetting stories and things that make you angry or sad. You don't need any of them and they are partly responsible for keeping your dreams from coming true.

You then need to start talking to yourself, in your thoughts, about the dreams you already harbor, but that have not yet come into fruition for whatever reason. The difference now is that you put the things you want into the present tense, as if you have already achieved them. You have to expect that these things are coming to you and get yourself into the feeling place of having them right now. This takes some practice, but it is worth the effort for the changes you will be bringing into your life.

Then take your first steps toward starting to work on your belief system. That is the part of you that believes that you can do a thing instead of believing that you cannot. This is powerful, because when you believe with all your heart that you can do a thing, you will be amazed at your ability to do it.

Your inner conversation with yourself should go along the lines of how strongly you believe in your ability to achieve the thing that you desire. Even if it has not yet manifest in your life, keep your thoughts in the state that it has. And believe that you are achieving your aims, in the present tense.

What will start to happen is that you will get ideas on how you can go about setting the wheels in motion to get the things you want. People will gravitate towards you who can help you in your getting those things and circumstances will present themselves to you whereby you can make things happen.

Believe in yourself and you will achieve the things you desire, because when you believe, you can conceive!

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