Being Healthy

If there is one thing that you should aim for in life above all else, its being as healthy as you can be. With good health, everything else you get can be enjoyed to the fullest.

Without your health, life can be a miserable struggle, or seem that way. Different people will either agree or disagree with that idea, but there is no getting away from the fact that enjoying good health is far more pleasurable than suffering ill health!

When you look around you or watch the world go by from a relaxing vantage point, you will notice there are many very healthy people walking by. They are the ones with a spring in their step and a smile on their face, or an expression of contentment and happiness.

All that Glitters is Not Gold

Then there are those with not so great health but still fully mobile and active. They have a less bouncy step and maybe the smile is missing, but in general they are relatively happy with their lot. Then there are those with obvious health issues. Their pace is slower, their gate less stable. There is usually a stern or worried look on their face and the general outward appearance is one of stressed dejection.

Of course, those with worsening levels of health are less likely to be seen outdoors walking by your vantage point because they are most likely to be housebound, or hospitalized.

When a person has sunk to this level of ill health, the medical profession will do what they can to shore things up but unless the person themselves can bring about a change from within, they will be doomed to their fate no matter how hard the doctors work. The make a miraculous recovery from ill health that has gotten the doctors worried the person might not pull through, that person has got to want to get better with such conviction and determination that they bring it about by themselves.

Think it can't be done?

Can or Cannot?

Well, you can think what you like. It has been done and it has happened on many occasions. There is a ton of files on terminal patients suddenly going into remission from whatever it was that was ailing them and setting them up for a one way trip to the cemetery.

There are far more cases of patients recovering completely from illnesses in a short space of time that should have had them hospitalized for months. What is it that separates these walking miracles from those who don't make it?

A lot of the time, it is put down to a mixture of faith, tenacity and an "I Can" attitude with a little help from the doctors of course! So if people can really cure themselves of illnesses that threaten to terminate their time on this mortal plane, why doesn't everyone live forever?

Who knows the answer to that one? It is probably that we have the capacity to keep ourselves alive indefinitely, but we haven't yet discovered the magic key to that particular locked door in our heads. But it is almost certainly there.

It's just a case of figuring it out and applying it. There are some very long lived human beings and their secret to longevity is often nothing less mundane than eating right, getting plenty of exercise and fresh air and staying relatively un-stressed for most of their lives.


How much of it is down to our old enemy, stress? Probably a goodly portion as stress is now known to degrade the body in many ways, including the destruction of old ells and the inhibition of the production of new cells.

In other words, stress is responsible for premature aging. We know this is true and medical experts are agreeing on this point more than others. Of course a healthy diet and keeping weight under control helps enormously because a lot of the modern diet made up of processed foods contains a lot of additives that combined could be slowly poisoning our systems.

Avoiding eating the wrong foods is every bit as important as eating the right ones. So you also have to eat right to feel right, but there is of course more to it than that.

A negative mental attitude is also known to further degrade the body and inhibit the immune system. Anger, guilt and frustration are probably the three most powerful of the negative emotions and when these are running freely in our minds, we are literally self-destructing! And the saddest part of it all is that we are the only ones who suffer from our own guilt, anger and frustration. No one else does, unless they are in close proximity to us.

So the obvious way forward if you want to live a long, healthy and happy life at least a big part of it is to avoid stressful situations, or if you do encounter them, then deal with them by remaining calm and unruffled. Then cultivate a positive mental attitude where negative emotions are banished from and having a firm belief in yourself to be able to overcome anything that life thorws in your path.

You do that by constantly thinking of good things, happy events, looking forward to great things and smiling, laughing and seeking out as many instances as possible that make you feel happy.

It may not be scientific, but it's better than the unhappy alternative!

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