A Better Diet for Better Health

Now has never been a better time to consider making improvements to your diet if you feel that your health may not be up to par. That is because one of the major influences on our overall health is the food we eat and the liquids that we drink.

We are called consumers for a very good reason. In our modern society, we are bombarded by advertisements for food, most of it dressed up to look good on our TV screens and promoted by actors making all the right facial expressions and body movements to convey that the food is delicious and that we should buy it. All would be fine if those ads were promoting healthy foods, like shiny, tasty, pesticide free apples, or organically grown carrots.

What is Best for the Masses?

The problem is that there is not much profit in selling shiny apples or healthy carrots, but there is in home delivered diets and supermarket ready meals. It is far easier to convince a gullible TV audience that the latest processed, additive laden offering is the superior choice and one that every home fridge or freezer should have.

Ads for processed foods are often aimed more at kids than adults. That's because clever advertisers know that children are easier to sell on things and they will then pester their parents to buy the food item for them, regardless of whether it is healthy or not.

All this does is to encourage moms to buy food that is not healthy, because the kids demand it because the TV ads told them to. The situation will never change until more moms wise up and try educating their kids as to what is healthy food and what is not. Then to use the same kind of trickery that the TV advertisers use to get them to eat the healthy stuff. Not as easy as it sounds, but it must nevertheless be done. That is unless we want our kids to grow up unhealthy and prone to being overweight or obese.

Assuming that we have figured out how to get our kids to eat apples instead of pie, carrots instead of pizza and fresh fish or lean meat instead of hamburgers, then we can begin to make a radical change in the general health of the diets of our kids. The upshot is that once we have gotten out kids to eat healthily, then we, by default will also be eating healthily.


If organic produce is available and affordable, then this is the wisest choice. Most intensively farmed produce is drowned in a lethal cocktail of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides that are designed to kill just about everything. Those chemicals, we are told, are supposed to leave the crops before they are harvested.

However, we know that is not true and chemical residues are present in most if not all crops that we buy at the supermarket. Those same crops are used in processed foods too, so not only are you getting chemically contaminated food, the manufacturers then dress it up with all manner of artificial colorants and flavorings, few if any of which are completely safe.

The safest food to eat is what you can grow for yourself in your own back yard, because then you have total control over what you do or do not put on those crops to keep the bugs off.

When you learn about organic farming on a small scale, you will learn that many of the bugs you see on crops are actually friendly ones which feed off the bugs we don't want, thereby controlling their numbers and rendering our crops mostly bug free when we come to harvest them. By refraining from using any chemicals on your crops that you grow yourself, you are ensuring that you and you family are eating healthy produce that will promote good health and reduce the tendency to become obese.

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