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Welcome to Health Fitness and Personal Growth at where you will learn, by reading our collection of new and original works on many different aspects of self improvement in all areas of your life.

These incluse your personal health and fitness, mental health and attitude, physical appearance both from a body size and weight perspective as well as from the perspective of the way you dress and hold yourself.

Self Improvement

You have probably heard the term "self improvement" coming from the corporate world more so than from the private one, but in truth anyone can improve themselves. It all happens by degrees depending on your desire to change for the better and your motivation and commitment in pushing yourself to achieve these things.

It's one of the reasons why watching too much television and reading too many dark bedtime stories that have a tendency to cause your predominant thoughts to switch to the negative are a bad idea. It is way better to read inspirational books on self help and spend your time working on your general mental attitude to get into having a positive outlook on life.

Developing the self is even more than merely cultivating a positive attitude. While that is a good starting place, the work needs to be continued in learning how to make decisions fast and sticking by them as well as taking action wherever it is needed to bring about a change in a positive way.

Putting everything into perspective by making plans is the way forward. Writing things down in a logical journal of imaginative and creative laws that sets out where you are starting from and where it is you wish to go will help you to get there faster and in a more efficient manner.

Together, we can help you to improve on all levels with inspirational articles and wellness solutions to bring about a positive change from both the mental and physical sides of your life. Our job is to supply you with the education and information to enable you to make the changes that are necessary for your fulfilment.

Your job is to put them into practise and make a better person of yourself. As long as you believe that you can do it, then you can do it. It is as simple as that!


healthOne area in life that should never be knowingly overlooked is personal health. It is what makes us and keeps us well, happy and ever upward bound.

By following the eternal health concepts that you'll find at, you will give yourself the best chance of enjoying your life to its fullest. After all, is this not what we are here to do?

It's important to be aware of what you are putting into your body through your diet and this is an area that is increasingly becoming highlighted in the news. Obesity numbers continue to grow despite our increased collective knowledge on dietary issues.

Diet companies such as Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem and the like are providing us with short term solutions. However, more needs to be done by the individual to look after their body and maintain a healthy body weight, size and shape.

Many people take their health for granted and for a while, especially while young, this doesn't seem to make too much of a difference, at least on the surface. But beneath the layers of skin in the area of the body that is unseen and unconcerned about, a process is set in motion that will eventually degrade that body over time.

The food that we eat and the liquids we drink all have their own impact on our bodies, either positive or negative. It makes sense to seek out and consume only those things that offer us a positive outcome in the sense of better health, vitality and strength while avoiding those items that will only degrade the body and lead to illnesses, fatigue and accelerated aging over time.

We may not be able to avert the ultimate outcome of death, but we can do many things to help slow its inevitable coming. Paying attention to health is the best way and that can be done in a variety of ways, as we explain in our series of health related articles published here with ever more planned for later.


growthThere are many other ways of improving the way in which you view and use the world that you live in, which it turn can have a profound effect ob the way in which you interact with that environment. Getting a better understanding of nature and how she works can benefit you in many ways too.

Watching the occasional green video and reading books on how the environment can be improved will in turn rub off on you in ways that can only be beneficial. Learning these things boost your own self awareness of the way in which you form part of the whole picture that is our planet, its natural forces and how they filter down to the way in which you live your life.

When you consider how you can further improve yourself, you'll soon realize that it's all about the growth. It's not just about personal growth but its also physical and spiritual growth. We are sprirtual beings living in a material body with senses designed to interact with material things and so it is natural that we correspond to the material world.

In this, we have creative faculties in our incredible minds and imaginations. From the way we choose to use our imagination, we can create ideas and from those ideas come the material creations that advance our lives and of those around us. By leading a healthy lifestyle, we are taking steps in the right direction by working on the center of our own worlds, ourselves.

Radiating out from that center will be whatever we are putting out from our thoughts in terms of ideas and vibrations. They can be negative, withrawing ideas or they can be positive, creative ideas with resulting vibrations accompanying them.

We get to choose what we think about and what vibrations we experience internally and by the physical laws that govern energy, frequency and vibration, what we put out there. Make it a good choice!

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